Announcing the Conference Attendee Treasure Hunt

A skyscraper dressed like a pirate holding a gold coin.

 Ahoy, Mateys!  The CCLGL Section is hosting its first ever CCLGL Social Media Treasure Hunt in preparation for the 45th

Annual Conference. This scavenger hunt-style contest is open to all CCLGL members who have registered for the Annual Conference.

The member with the most points will be announced at Saturday’s BBQ networking event on May 7th. Our winner receives a congratulatory award and exclusive bragging rights for the rest of the year!

Help support your CCLGL Section and have some fun – sign up for the Treasure Hunt simply by emailing and stating that you’re ready to hunt some treasure. (If you throw in a pirate pun – the more groan-worthy the better – you’ll get an extra point to start off! The very worst of all puns may be announced on Social Media as the contest goes on.)

The scavenger hunt starts today, April 26, 2022, and goes until noon on May 7th. Be sure to register today as a clue will be sent out each day and if you miss a clue, you miss those points!

Register now for more details!