Message from the Chair

Friends, the 2021-2022 Section year has begun, and we have some exciting things to look forward to in the year ahead! Perhaps most importantly—drumroll, please!—we can look forward to our first in-person annual seminar in over two years, in 2022. Your Chair-Elect (Janette Smith) is already plotting various ways to make our return to a live event exciting and memorable, so keep an eye out for more announcements!

While the transition to a new Section year is a good time to look ahead, it also affords the opportunity to reflect back; and as I step into the role of Section Chair, I have to express my deep gratitude for the outstanding leadership of our immediate Past Chair, Don Crowell, and his predecessor, David Miller. Between them, and with the help and support of the Executive Council, they helped the Section rack up some impressive achievements over the past two years: adopting revised and improved bylaws; updating the form, content, and functionality of our website; adapting to a virtual world and discovering new ways to communicate and network; strengthening partnerships with other Bar Sections; and taking the first steps toward adoption of a strategic plan for the Section. I am committed to moving the strategic plan forward in a meaningful way over the next year. Part of that will include getting your input, so expect a member survey on this topic soon.

My goal as Chair is one of balance: maintaining continuity in those areas where the Section already excels, and seeking out innovation in areas where the Section can grow.  To that end, I will work closely with the Executive Council, Section Committee Chairs, and CLE Program Chairs (whose work and commitment are essential to all the Section does) to ensure that the Section continues to provide first-class CLEs, publications, and networking opportunities, while continuing to pursue the trend of improvements noted above.

In conclusion, I am deeply humbled to step into the role of Section Chair, which has been held by so many strong leaders, many of whom I am happy to call mentors and friends. Over the years, I have been continually impressed by the supportive, cooperative, and welcoming nature of the Section’s leaders and members, and I look forward to working with (and for) all of you as we move out of the shadow of COVID and into a brave new world, strengthened by the challenges of the past.

Together, let’s make this a great year for the City, County and Local Government Law Section!

(May, 2021)

Amanda Coffey headshot
Amanda S. Coffey, 2021-2022 Chair

2021-2022 Chair’s goals:

  • Strategic Plan: Complete and implement a three-to-five-year strategic plan for the Section.
  • Continuity: Maintain continuity in those areas where the Section excels (including timely, high-quality CLEs and resources), and seek out innovation in areas where the Section can grow.
  • Diversity & Inclusion: Encourage diversity in Section leadership, and involvement of all interested members in the work of the Section.
  • Relationship Development: Continue developing partnerships with other voluntary Bar sections to enhance the services provided by the Section and increase joint CLE offerings.
  • 2022 Seminar: Support the Chair-Elect in producing an exciting and informative 2022 annual seminar, as well as fun and beneficial networking events.


Your CCLGL Committee Chairs and CLE Program Chairs work incredibly hard every year to ensure the Section’s programs continue to run smoothly. I want to take this opportunity to thank them for their hard work and commitment, which helps make this Section successful. If you appreciate the work done by a particular committee—for example, if you attend an excellent CLE, or find the Section’s social media postings to be helpful—consider taking a moment to thank the committee or program chair(s) for their efforts. Additionally, I encourage you to check out the Section Committees page to see all the different Committees we have, and what they do. If any Committee’s goals and mission appeal to you, please reach out directly to the Committee Chair to volunteer to assist.

Despite the challenges of 2020, the Section remains energized as a community, and our membership continues to demonstrate remarkable resilience, adaptability, cooperation, and strength in the face of adversity and uncertainty—and that is demonstrated in the tireless work of our Committee and Program chairs. I am proud to be part of this Section, and look forward to a bright and productive year ahead!

-Amanda S. Coffey       (May, 2021)