Section Committees

Table of Contents

Bar Liaisons

Amanda S. Coffey

Janette M. Smith

  • The Section Chair and Chair-Elect act as liaisons to the Florida Bar for the Section.

Florida Bar Council of Sections Representative

Amanda S. Coffey

  • The Section Chair acts as liaison to the Florida Bar Council of Sections.

Florida Bar Council of Sections CLE committee

Janette M. Smith

  • The Section Chair-elect acts as liaison to the Florida Bar Council of Sections Continuing Legal Education (CLE) subcommittee.

Board of Governors Representative

Stephanie Marusak Marchman

  • The Board of Governors (BOG) Representative is a member of the BOG who acts as the liaison with the Section, and raises Section concerns, positions, or interests to the BOG.

City, County and Local Government Law Section Committees & Committee Chairs

Law Student Awards Committee

Courtney Wilson

  • The Section’s annual Law Student Awards are designed to recognize one law student at each Florida law school who has excelled in a law school course focused on local government law issues, or has exhibited an interest in local government law during the academic year. Student award winners receive a $500 cash award and a plaque recognizing their achievement, as well as an invitation to participate in the awards luncheon at the Section’s Annual City, County and Local Government Law Seminar. The Law Student Awards committee chair is responsible for contacting each Florida law school to seek student nominees, as well as working with the Section’s Bar Administrator to coordinate communications and awards, and hosting the law students who attend the Annual Seminar.

Grants Committee

Amber Slayton

  • The Section’s grant awards program provides grants to Florida local government in-house attorney offices (for counties, municipalities, school boards, and special taxing districts) to fund paid college student or law student internships during the summer each year.   The funds are awarded to those offices that best demonstrate that the student will be afforded an opportunity to gain insight into the practice of local government law. The Grants Committee reviews and awards grant applications, and makes recommendations about the program to the Executive Council.
  • Committee Members: Tammi Bach, Kelly Fernandez

Legislation Committee

Edward (“Eddy”) G. Labrador

  • The chair of the Legislation Committee tracks annual legislation that may be of interest to Section members, and presents it to the Executive Council for review.

Nominating Committee

Amanda Coffey

Janette Smith

Tammi E. Bach

  • The nominating committee consists of three (3) members of the Executive Council appointed by the Chair. Traditionally, this consists of the Chair, Chair-Elect, and Secretary of the Section. The Nominating Committee nominates incoming Executive Committee member(s) pursuant to Section 1, Article III of the Section Bylaws.

Membership Committee

Tammi E. Bach

  • The Secretary of the Section is the chair of the Membership Committee, per Section 2, Article III of the Section Bylaws.

Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Xavier Alban

  • The Section values diversity and understands that historically marginalized groups remain underrepresented in the legal profession.  It is the mission of the Section to be diverse and inclusive, with a goal of ensuring the Section mirrors our society in its membership and leadership. The Diversity and Inclusion Committee helps identify and coordinate strategies for increasing member engagement, raising awareness of Section benefits, fostering a strong sense of community, and supporting Section goals with thoughtful programs and projects. This committee also administers the Section’s Diversity Fellowship Program, which was adopted in April, 2021.
  • Committee Members: Jeannine Williams, Brijesh Patel, Danielle Weaver-Rogers

Young Lawyers Committee

Courtney Wilson

  • The Young Lawyers Committee chair acts as liaison to the Young Lawyer’s Section of the Bar.

Sponsorship Committee

Sandy MacLennan

George Smith

  • The Sponsorship Committee solicits sponsors to support our CLE programs, develops and maintains relationships with our regular sponsors, and proposes new ways to recognize sponsors and increase sponsorships.

Mental Wellness Committee

Miriam Soler Ramos

  • The Mental Wellness Committee works to provide information and programming to further the goal of destigmatizing mental health issues, and to help CCLGL Section members find support. This may include organizing or moderating stand-alone CLEs or seminar panels.

Technology Committee 
(Including Social Media & Website Subcommittees)

Ellie Nieberger

Anessa Santos

  • The Technology Committee evaluates the Section’s technology needs and identifies areas where the Section can better leverage technology to support its goals.
    • The Social Media Subcommittee helps share information related to local government law—including education opportunities, job opportunities, member interviews, Section initiatives, and networking opportunities—online. Members on this committee assist in building content consistent with the Section’s social media guidelines, and innovating creative ways to utilize social media to forward Section goals.

Jessica M. Icerman
Subcommittee Members: Brijesh Patel, Greg Morton

    • The Website Subcommittee helps ensure the Section website is accurate and current, and works with the Section’s Administrator and website provider to make improvements, within the confines of the Section’s contracts and as authorized by the Executive Council.

Mark CS Moriarty

David Migut

Stetson Law Review Symposium Committee

Chelsea Hardy

  • The Stetson Law Review Symposium Committee Chair acts as the liaison between the Section and the Stetson University College of Law, Law Review editorial board. This person ensures the Section contract with the school is up-to-date, shares any news and deadlines related to the annual book, and may assist in soliciting articles for upcoming law journals.

Florida Bar Journal Committee

Ellie Neiberger

  • The Florida Bar Journal Committee chair solicits articles on Local Government Topics for the Florida Bar Journal, and assists authors with questions related to publication in the Journal.

Newsletter: “The Agenda” Committee

Cristina Suarez

  • The Agenda is the Section’s Newsletter, published two to four times per year. The Agenda Committee chair solicits articles and other features, and formats and publishes The Agenda.
  • Committee Members:  Abigail Jorandby, James Saunders, Mary Sneed

Marsicano Award Committee

Mark Barnebey

Herbert “Herb” Thiele

  • The Ralph A. Marsicano Award is the most coveted and respected award presented by our Section to an individual who over a period of time has made significant and outstanding contributions to the development of Local Government in Florida. The Marsicano Award Committee solicits nominations for the annual award, and may help coordinate logistics related to the award presentation.

Paul S. Buchman Public Service Award

Amanda S. Coffey

  • The Paul S. Buchman Public Service Award is awarded annually to a local government attorney for outstanding contributions in the area of legal public service. Traditionally, the Chair acts as the Chair of the Buchman Award Committee. The committee chair solicits nominations for the annual award, and may help coordinate logistics related to the award presentation.

The H. Hamilton “Chip” Rice, Jr. Award

Amanda S. Coffey

  • The H. Hamilton “Chip” Rice, Jr. Award is awarded annually recognize a local government attorney who has served the Section with distinction. Traditionally, the Chair acts as the Chair of the Rice Award Committee. The committee chair solicits nominations for the annual award, and may help coordinate logistics related to the award presentation.

Strategic Plan Task Force, 2021-2022

Amanda S. Coffey

  • This special, temporary task force is responsible for developing a 3- to 5-year strategic plan for the Section.
  • Task Force Members:   Don Crowell, Dana Crosby Collier, Isabelle Lopez, Janette Smith, Jeannine Williams, Pete Sweeney, Tammi Bach

Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Program Chairs

CLE Program Chairs (or co-chairs) coordinate our recurring CLE events, including annual or bi-annual conferences and seminars. The chairs solicit and cultivate relationships with presenters/speakers, and help the Section’s Bar Administrator to coordinate logistics, marketing, technology, and communications related to the CLE.

Local Government Law in Florida Seminar— Annual

Janette M. Smith

  • The Chair-Elect is the Program Chair for the Annual Local Government Law symposium.

City, County and Local Government Certification Review Course— Annual

 Isabelle Lopez

Sunshine Law, Public Records and Ethics for Public Officers and Public Employees— Annual

 Robert Teitler

Chasity O’Steen

Land Use— Annual

Nancy Ann M. Stuparich

Vinette D. Godelia

Public Finance — Biennial

Sandy MacLennan

George Smith

Public Employment Labor Relations Forum (PELRF) — Biennial

Glenn Thomas