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The Agenda is the official newsletter of the CCLGL Section. In each issue you will find a variety of useful articles; caselaw and legislative updates; Chair’s reports; details on Section meetings, CLEs, and events; budget summaries; award winners; sponsors; and more.

The Agenda – Spring, 2023 - (View PDF)

  • Florida Local Government Law Overview of Cyber Security and Data Privacy, by Janette M. Smith
  • Revisiting Public Comment Decorum Rules Post-Covid, by Daniela F. Cimo1 and Anne R. Flanigan
  • Chair’s Report: Janette M. Smith

The Agenda – Winter 2023 - (View PDF)

  • Private Property Drowning in Protection: The Conflicting Dynamics of Bert Harris Act and Sea-Level Rise, by Thomas Ruppert, Esq.
  • In case of Emergency: After the Covid-19 Pandemic, have boundary lines of state emergency management, local response, and private rights mutated?, by Jane Cynthia Graham, B.C.S.
  • Chair's Report: Janette Smith

The Agenda – Winter 2022 - (View PDF)

  • Copyrights and Public Art: Considerations for Local Governments, by Joshua Lida, Esq
  • Chair's Report: Amanda Coffey

The Agenda – Summer 2021 - (View PDF)

  • Quasi-Judicial Hearings in a Virtual World – Lessons from a Global Pandemic By Miriam Soler Ramos
  • Chair's Report: Amanda Coffey

The Agenda – Spring 2021 - (View PDF)

  • Enhancement and Restoration Opportunities for Local Government Land by  Susan Roeder Martin
  • Chair’s Report: Don Crowell

The Agenda – Fall 2020 - (View PDF)

  • COVID-19 Lessons for Emergency Orders: A South Florida Perspective by Elen Gantner, Roger Pou, David Tolces, and Susan L. Trevarthen Weiss Serota Helfman Cole & Bierman, PL
  • Chair’s Report: Don Crowell

The Agenda – Summer 2020 - (View PDF)

  • Risk Protection Orders: a Law Enforcement Tool to Help Address the Crisis of Gun Violence by Christopher I. Reyes The Reyes Law Firm, P.A
  • Technology and The Americans With Disabilities Act by Christopher J. Stearns, Johnson, Anselmo, Murdoch, Burke, Piper & Hochman, P.A. & Randy D. Mora, Trask Daigneault LLP
  • Chair’s Report: Don Crowell

The Agenda – Fall 2019 - (View PDF)

  • Litigation of the Narrow Exception to Sovereign Immunity for Known Hazards or Traps by John A. Greco Deputy City Attorney, City of Miami
  • Understanding and Avoiding Liability for “Prohibited Exactions” Under § 70.45 Florida Statutes by Robert K. Lincoln, M.S.P, J.D, B.C.S.
  • Chair’s Report: David C. Miller

The Agenda – Winter 2019 - (View PDF)

  • Scooters in the City Beautiful by Miriam Soler Ramos, City Attorney, City of Coral Gables & Stephanie M. Throckmorton, Assistant City Attorney, City of Coral Gables
  • Chair’s Report: Michele Lieberman

The Agenda – Summer 2018 - (View PDF)

  • Technology Issues Unique To Local Government Law by Xavier E. Alban, Assistant City Attorney City of Miami, Office of the City Attorney
  • A Hard Conversation for the Local Government Attorney: How to Tell Your Council/Commission They are NOT on the Clock 24/7 by Jill E. Jacobs, Esquire, Deputy City Attorney, City of Palm Bay, Florida
  • Message from Out-Going Immediate Past Chair Robert L. Teitler, 2017-2018

The Agenda – Spring 2018 - (View PDF)

  • Unique Issues for City Attorneys Facing Citizen-led Ordinance Initiatives or Charter Amendments by Michael P. Spellman, Sniffen & Spellman, P.A., [Presented to: Florida Municipal Attorneys Association]
  • Considering the Public Forum Status of Government Internet Sites by Carl E. Brody Senior Assistant County Attorney Pinellas County Attorney’s Office
  • Chair’s Report: Robert L. Teitler

The Agenda – Fall 2017 - (View PDF)

  • Zoning as a Community Conversation: An Empirical Exploration of “Meaningfulness” in Local Zoning Board Decisions by Michael J. Dema, Esq., Managing Assistant City Attorney – Land Use & Environmental Matters, City of St. Petersburg
  • Letter from the Editor by Craig E. Leen
  • Sovereign Immunity As A Defense Against County-Imposed Fees: Town of Gulf Stream, et al. v. Palm Beach County, 206 So. 3d 721 (Fla. 4th DCA 2016) by Jennifer G. Ashton, Esq., Corbett, White, Davis and Ashton, P.A. & Douglas N. Yeargin, Esq., Chief Assistant City Attorney for the City of West Palm Beach
  • Chair’s Report: Robert L. Teitler

The Agenda – Spring 2017 - (View PDF)

  • PACE 2017 Update: Is There Finally a Clear Path to Success? by Erin L. Deady, AICP, Esq.
  • Of Constitutional Dimension – Four Proposals to the Constitution Revision Commission by Craig E. Leen
  • Chair’s Report: Jeannine S. Williams

The Agenda – Fall 2016 - (View PDF)

  • Non-Ad Valorem Assessments and Chronic Nuisance Abatement Cost Recovery by Keith Davis, Esq., Corbett, White, Davis and Ashton, P.A.
  • Subsidiarity Matters: The Primacy of Local Zoning in Intergovernmental Disputes by Craig E. Leen, City Attorney, City of Coral Gables
  • Chair’s Report: Jeannine S. Williams

The Agenda – Summer 2016 - (View PDF)

  • Florida Statutes Governing Police and Firefighter Pension Plans: A Historical Perspective by Jim Linn and Glenn E. Thomas, Lewis Longman & Walker
  • Changes to Regulations Governing Overtime Exemptions Are Coming! by Benjamin W. Bard, Esq., and Gregory A. Hearing, Esq., Thompson, Sizemore, Gonzalez & Hearing, P.A., Tampa, Florida
  • Chair’s Report: Jeannine S. Williams

The Agenda – Spring 2016 - (View PDF)

  • Legislating Local Liberties: Human Rights Ordinances Across Florida by Rosalia Contreras and Andrew P. Lannon, Esq., B.C.S.
  • Letter From the Editor Craig Leen, Coral Gables City Attorney, In Honor of Autism Awareness Month
  • Pocket Full of Sunshine (and Public Records Law) – An Update on Government in the Sunshine and the Public Records Act from January 1, 2015 – March 28, 2016 by Wendy L. Fisher, Esq., Junior Staff Attorney, City of Palm Bay
  • Real Estate, Local Governments, and the Rough Seas Ahead by Cullen Mahoney, University of Miami School of Law LLM in Real Property Development
  • Chair’s Report: Mark CS Moriarty

The Agenda – Fall 2015 - (View PDF)

  • The Sovereign’s Grace and Equitable Estoppel by Craig E. Leen, City Attorney, City of Coral Gables
  • The “No Contact” Rule is in Jeopardy in the Government Context by Miriam Soler Ramos and Marion J. Radson
  • Social Media and Ethics: The Odd Couple by Angela C. de Cespedes, Litigation Partner, Akerman LLP
  • Chair’s Report: Mark CS Moriarty

The Agenda – Spring 2015 - (View PDF)

  • Annual Ethics Training Now Required for Municipal Officers by Dana Lynne Crosby-Collier
  • Florida v. Georgia and the Management of Water Consumption by Ingrid P. Benson-Villegas
  • Sovereign Immunity Updates from The Florida Supreme Court: High court is quick to use its new appellate rule; two additional decisions forthcoming by Dan R. Hoffman
  • Are You a Lawyer or a Lobbyist? You May Be Both by Miriam S. Ramos, Esq.
  • Chair’s Report: Dana Lynne Crosby-Collier

The Agenda – Fall 2014 - (View PDF)

  • The Collateral Order Doctrine and Florida’s Official Immunity from Suit by Craig E. Leen, City Attorney, City of Coral Gables
  • Becoming a Florida Bar Board Certified Expert in City, County and Local Government Law by Cynthia Johnson-Stacks, Miami-Dade Assistant County Attorney; Vice-Chair, The Florida Bar Board of Legal Specialization and Education; Former Member, City, County and Local Government Law Certification Committee
  • In Memoriam for Professor Emeritus James Jay “JJ” Brown by Vivien J. Monaco
  • The Eleventh Circuit’s Unique Procedure for Deciding Issues of Exhaustion of Administrative Remedies Under the Prisoner Litigation Reform Act by Marlon D. Moffett
  • Elections and the City: A review of unique elections issues often faced by municipalities, including candidate qualifications, residency requirements, canvassing boards, and campaign contributions. by Keith W. Davis, Esq.
  • The Ethical Issues Underlying Internal Investigations by Michael P. Spellman, Sniffen & Spellman, P.A.
  • Message from the Former Chair by Hans Ottinot
  • Chair’s Report: Dana Lynne Crosby-Collier

The Agenda – Winter 2010 - (View PDF)

  • New Focus on an Old Topic: Is That Worker an Independent Contractor or Employee…? by Glenn E. Thomas, Lewis, Longman & Walker, P.A.
  • Waving the Red Flags: Local Government Obligations under the Red Flags Rule by Jeannine S. Williams
  • Chair’s Report: James L. Bennett

The Agenda – Fall 2009 - (View PDF)

  • Have Licensed Professionals Lost Contractual Caps On Liability? by Jeffrey Albinson Miami-Dade Commission on Ethics: Intern Experience – Summer 2009 by Robert Meyers, Executive Director and Victoria Frigo, Staff Attorney,
  • Miami-Date Commission on Ethics
  • Chair’s Report: James L. Bennett

The Agenda – July 2009 - (View PDF)

  • Senate Bill 360 Version 2.0: Growth Management for the 21st Century? by Susan L. Trevarthen and Chad S. Friedman
  • Chair’s Report: James L. Bennett

The Agenda – April 2009 - (View PDF)

  • Internet Reservations and the Tourist Development Tax by Rosemary Perfit
  • Chair’s Report: Grant W. Alley

The Agenda – January 2009 - (View PDF)

  • Update On Opinions Issued By the Commission On Ethics by Mary Helen Farris
  • A Call to Pre-Suit Mediation in These “Worst of Times” by Sandra C. Upchurch, Mediation Counsel, Upchurch Watson White & Max
  • Drafting Agreements for Local Governments by Hank Ennis, Managing Attorney, Hillsborough County Attorney’s Office

The Agenda – February 2008 - (View PDF)

  • Changing Ordinances Mid Stream – What Constitutes a Material or Substantial Change? by Beth Shankel-Anderson
  • Chair’s Report: Elizabeth Hernandez

The Agenda – September 2007 - (View PDF)

  • Community Land Trusts: Are We Witnessing the Future of Affordable Housing in Florida? by John K. Shamsey, Esq., John K. Shamsey, P.A., Consulting Attorney, Charlotte County, Florida

The Agenda – March 2007 - (View PDF)

  • Chair’s Report: Mary Helen Farris

The Agenda – September 2006 - (View PDF)

  • Hurricane Kelo Hits Florida by Mark Bentley, Esq., AICP, GrayRobinson, P.A., Tampa, Florida
  • Communication Disruption By Hurricanes– What Are Your Remedies As a Cable and Telephone Subscriber? By Diane P. Perez, law student
  • Chair’s Report: Mary Helen Campbell

The Agenda – September 2005 - (View PDF)

  • Lot Maintenance Liens as a Code Enforcement Tool by Randell H. Rowe, III
  • Taking Charge of Litigation by Joseph G. Jarret, Esquire
  • Chair’s Report: Kathryn Kaye Collie

The Agenda – April 2005 - (View PDF)

  • Oregon’s Measure 37: A New Property Rights Initiative in a Leading Comprehensive Planning State by Nancy E. Stroud, JD/AICP
  • Endorsement of Attorney-Client Privilege in Government Arena Sets 2nd Circuit Apart by Mark Hamblett, New York Law Journal, 02-24-2005
  • Chair’s Report: Craig H. Coller

The Agenda – August 2004 - (View PDF)

  • Are You Complying With the Rules of Professional Conduct?—You’ Sure?????? by Marion Radson & Elizabeth M. Hernandez
  • Development Exactions and Regulatory Takings – Are Monetary and Legislative Exactions Subject to Less Takings Clause Scrutiny than Real Property and Ad Hoc Exactions? by Nancy Stroud
  • “My Word is My Bond?” The implications of Rollison v. City of Key West on Citizen Inquires by Joseph G. Jarret, Esquire, Polk County Attorney
  • Chair’s Report: Craig H. Coller

The Agenda – November 2003 - (View PDF)

  • Negotiation and Implementation of School Interlocal Agreements: The South Florida Experience by Susan L. Trevarthen
  • Is There Light at the End of the Quasi-judicial Tunnel? by Edward G. Guedes
  • Chair’s Report: Kenneth W. Buchman

Florida Bar Journal

The Foreclosure of Local Special Assessment Liens by Catherine M. Carbonell and Rafael E. Suarez-Riva, 06/01/2021,

(Florida Bar Journal Vol. 95, No. 3, May/June 2021)

Firefighter Cancer Benefits by Glenn E. Thomas and Janice D. Rustin, 08/01/2020,

(Florida Bar Journal Vol. 94, No. 4 July/August 2020)

What Are the Constitutional Limitations on Prayers at Local Government Meetings by Marc Rohr, 05/01/2019,

(Florida Bar Journal Vol. 93, No. 3 May/June 2019)

Misled Interested Citizens and Florida’s Public Meeting Laws by Mark Moriarty, 02/01/2019,

(Florida Bar Journal Vol. 93, No. 1 January/February 2019)

Bid Protests Under The Administrative Procedure Act: The Standard of Review, the Protest Hearing, and Further Review by Victoria Méndez, Pablo R. Velez, and Rafael E. Suarez-Rivas, 11/01/2018,

(Florida Bar Journal Vol. 92, No. 9   November 2018)

Bidder Beware: Construction Contracting by and with Local Governments in Florida by Mitchell O. Palmer, 06/01/2018,

(Florida Bar Journal Vol. 92, No. 6   June 2018)

Parliamentary Procedure: Accomplishing The Will Of The Majority While Protecting The Rights Of The Minority In An Efficient And Respectful Manner by Mark Moriarty, 12/01/2017,

(Florida Bar Journal Vol. 91, No. 10   December 2017)

Local Regulation Of Medical Marijuana In Florida by Patricia D. Smith And Andrew P. Lannon, 11/01/2017,

(Florida Bar Journal Vol. 91, No. 9   November 2017)

When Is A Public Official Entitled To Prevailing Party Attorneys’ Fee Reimbursement In Public Records Act Cases? Part I by Robert Michael Eschenfelder , 05/01/2017,

(Florida Bar Journal Vol. 91, No. 5   May 2017)

When Is A Public Official Entitled To Prevailing Party Attorneys’ Fee Reimbursement In Public Records Act Cases? Part II by Robert Michael Eschenfelder, 06/01/2017,

(Florida Bar Journal Vol. 91, No. 6   June 2017)

Florida Public Records Law: The Battle Over Attorneys’ Fees by Sarah Rissman Taitt, 03/01/2017,

(Florida Bar Journal Vol. 91, No. 3   March 2017)

Up Allen’s Creek Without A Paddle: Can Cities Leverage Utility Service For Annexation? by Catherine D. Reischmann , 07/30/2016,

(Florida Bar Journal Vol. 90, No. 7   July/August 2016)

Another Fine Mess: Are Non-Ad Valorem Special Assessments For Local Government Nuisance Abatement Charges Legally Defensible? by Amanda S. Coffey, 02/01/2016,

(Florida Bar Journal Vol. 90, No. 2   February 2016)

Decision By Judge Or Jury? Alternatives To Traditional Code Enforcement Boards by Karen Zagrodny Consalo, 11/01/2015,

(Florida Bar Journal Vol. 89, No. 9   November 2015)

The Bert J. Harris, Jr., Private Property Rights Protection Act: An Overview, Recent Developments, And What The Future May Hold by Amber L. Ketterer And Rafael E. Suarez-Rivas , 09/30/2015,

(Florida Bar Journal Vol. 89, No. 8   September/October 2015)

Stetson Law Review

The CCLGLS is proud to partner with Stetson Law Review to provide members with a valuable resource that includes annual articles and case digests on local government law issues, while encouraging law students to become interested in practicing local government law. Older Stetson Law Review (SLR) articles can be found online at; and both SLR articles and SLR’s annual digests of Florida local government caselaw can be found on major legal research platforms. If you would like to publish an article in the SLR, contact the Section’s SLR Committee Chair

Stetson Law Review 2023 Local Government Law Symposium (Volume 52-4)

  • Face Value: A Proposal for Federal Regulation of Facial Recognition Technology Companies —By Hope Corbit
  • “Providing for Cooperation Between Private Adoption Entities and the Department of Children and Families?” When Legislative Intent Falls Short —By Kathryn L. Alkire
  • Conflicting Parameters of Code Enforcement Fines and Liens Pursuant to Chapter 162 of the Florida Statutes, Timbs, and the Eighth Amendment: How Much is Too Much? —By Harry M. Hipler
  • Evacuation and Our Growing Population: County Clearance Times and Comprehensive Plan Consistency in Coastal High-Hazard Areas Under Florida Statutes Section 163.3178(8) —By Amanda L. Swindle
  • Regulating and Enforcing Speaker Rights in the Public Forum —By Carl E. Brody, Jr.

Stetson Law Review 2022 Local Government Law Symposium (Volume 51-4)

  • “You Want to Put that Where?” A Discussion of the Interplay Between Local Zoning Control and Effective Prohibition Under the Telecom Act of 1996 — By Mattaniah S. Jahn, Aya M. Abunada, and David Blum
  • “A Public Office is a Public Trust” Examination of the Implementation of Constitutional Amendments Governing the Abuse of Public Offices — By Regina A. Kardash, Esq. B.C.S.
  • Collateral Consequences and Collateral Harm: The COVID-19 Pandemic as a Catalyst for Equitable Reintegration Reform — By Melissa Maher
  • Protecting Florida’s LGBTQ+ Youth by Prohibiting the Use of Conversion Therapy — By Jen Rex

Stetson Law Review 2021 Local Government Law Symposium (Volume 50-4)

  • How Hard Is it to Fire a Police Officer?: A Look at One Local Government’s Experience and Some Possibilities for Reform — By Lee Kraftchick
  • Preserving the Public Trust: A Voyage Through Florida’s Jurisprudence on Navigable Waters —By Brendan Mackesey
  • Sea-Level Rise Adaptation and The Bert J. Harris, Jr., Private Property Rights Protection Act— By Thomas Ruppert, Esq. And Chelsea Miller
  • PA-Rolling Out a New Solution: How Florida Should Address its Broken Parole System —By Bridget M. Dennis
  • Overcoming Gerrymandering: Analyzing Past Approaches and Looking to Automation to Overcome Bias And Cognitive Limitations in Florida —By Kaila Preston

Stetson Law Review 2020 Local Government Law Symposium (Volume 49-4)

  • The True Impact of Reed v. Town of Gilbert on Sign Regulation —By Susan L. Trevarthen & Adam M. Hapner
  • Deciding Where to Take Your Takings Case Post-Knick —By Alicia Gonzalez & Susan L. Trevarthen
  • The Greening of Florida’s Constitution —By Clay Henderson
  • Foreign Threats, Local Solutions: Assessing St. Petersburg, Florida’s “Defend our Democracy” Ordinance as Potential Model Legislation to Curb Foreign Influence in U.S. Elections — By Brian Remler
  • Reactionary Legislation: The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act — By Emily Plakon

Stetson Law Review 2019 Local Government Law Symposium (Volume 48-4)

  • Merit Selection for Trial Judges: Opportunity Lost, or Lesson Learned?—By Hon. Mark W. Klingensmith
  • Florida’s Non‐Statutory, De Facto DUI/DWI Diversion Programs: Diverting Justice for Judicial and Prosecutorial Expediency?—By Hon. Karl B. Grube
  • The Intersection of Intellectual Property and Government Law—By William R. Brees, Brittany J. Maxer-Fisher & Alexandra (Taylor) Devine
  • The New Uniform Debate: McCall v. Scott and the Constitutional Status of the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program—By Kelley Thompson
  • From Category 4B to Category 2: How Local Stakeholders in the Tampa Bay Nitrogen Management Consortium Battled Nutrient Pollution to Improve the Bay —By Travis M. Hearne

Stetson Law Review 2018 Local Government Law Symposium (Volume 48-4)

  • Taking the “Urgent” Out of Financial Urgency in Florida Public Sector Labor Law—By David C. Miller
  • Pilot Agreements Have Liftoff: City of Largo v. AHF-Bay Fund, LLC—By Alan S. Zimmet, Ellie Neiberger & Nicole C. Nate
  • You Can’t Fight City Hall (Unless You’re Crazy)—By James Sheehan
  • Florida’s Statutory Sentencing Provisions, the Sixth Amendment, and the Province of the Jury: A Study in Constitutional Conformity—By Arda Goker
  • Condemnation Blight as a Per Se Taking: Clarifying the Limits of The Government’s Power of Eminent Domain Under Florida Law—By Natalia C. Reyna-Pimiento

Stetson Law Review 2017 Local Government Law Symposium (Volume 46-3)

  • Free Enterprise vs. Economic Incentives: The Evolution of the “Public Purpose” Fulcrum— By Douglas J. Sale
  • With the Best of Intentions: First Amendment Pitfalls for Government Regulation of Signage and Noise— By Karen Zagrodny Consalo
  • Risk[y] Business: Transitioning to a Stand-Alone Self-Insurance Program— By Andrew P. Lannon, Peter J. Sweeney, Jr., Patricia D. Smith, Jill E. Jacobs & Wendy L. Fisher
  • From Rumblings to Reality: One City’s Story of Ethics Reform— By Julia Meadows-Keefe
  • Florida’s Accessory Dwelling Unit Laws: Mitigating Florida’s Housing Woes Through State-Encouraged Expansion of ADU Permitting— By Sarah A. Gottlieb
  • The Modern Family: Why the Florida Legislature Should Remodel its Antilapse Statute for Wills to Reflect the Changing Familial Structure — By Courtney Chaipel Pugh

Stetson Law Review 2016 Local Government Law Symposium (Volume 45-3)

  • Community Development Districts as Creditors: The Role of Separation of Powers in Protecting the…— By Sarah R. Sandy & Erin J. Tilton
  • The Ethical and Effective Representation of Government Employees by Government Attorneys— By Craig E. Leen
  • The Common Law and the Rule of Law: An “Uncomfortable Relationship” — By William N. Drake, Jr.
  • The Line Between Special Assessments and Ad Valorem Taxes: Morris v. City of Cape Coral — By Susan Churuti, Chris Roe, Ellie Neiberger, Tyler Egbert & Zach Lombardo
  • Stifling the Shot at a Second Chance: Florida’s Response to Graham and Miller and the Missed Opportunity for Change in Juvenile Sentencing — By Megan McCabe Jarrett
  • Medical Marijuana Legislation in Florida: The Recommendation vs. Prescription Distinction for Healthcare Providers — By Nicole Santamaria

Stetson Law Review 2015 Local Government Law Symposium (Volume 44-2)

  • Litigating the Negligent Security Case: Who’s in Control Here?— By Frederic S. Zinober
  • Lead, Follow, or Be Lefi Behind: The Case for Comprehensive Ocean Policy and Planning for Florida— By Donna R. Christie
  • Considering the Public Forum Status of Government Internet Sites— By Carl E. Brody, Jr.
  • Sunburned: How Misuse of the Public Records Laws Creates an Overburdened, More Expensive, and Less Transparent Government— By Keith W. Rizzardi
  • Appeals of Local Government Decisions: Constraints on Judicial Review Before, During, and After the Appeal— By John A. Greco
  • Goodbye Economic Loss Rule, Hello Damages: Did the Florida Supreme Court’s Tiara Decision Clear the Path from Contract to Tort Claims?— By Anisha Patel

Stetson Law Review 2014 Local Government Law Symposium (Volume 43-2)

  • Liability for Modification of Lands under Navigable Waters in Florida — By David J. D’Agata
  • Do Code Enforcement Violations “Run with the Land”? Competing Interests of Local Governments and Private Parties and Their Constitutional Considerations in Code Enforcement Proceedings — By Harry M. Hipler
  • Thank You for Not Smoking … Indoors: The Confusing State of Local Government Smoking Regulation in Florida — By John K. Shamsey
  • Including the Frozen Heir: Expanding the Florida Probate Code to Include Posthumously Conceived Children’s Inheritance Rights — By Erin J. Hoyle
  • Keeping the Boardroom Honest: Fiduciary Duties, Information Asymmetry, and Regulating Corporate Behavior in Mortgage-Backed Securities Transactions — By Vinicius Adam

Stetson Law Review 2013 Local Government Law Symposium (Volume 42-3)

  • Developments in the Law on Local Government Code Enforcement Proceedings: Quasi-Judicial Proceedings Pursuant to Chapter 162, Florida Statutes —Harry M. Hipler
  • Community Planning Act: The End of Meaningful Growth Management in Florida —Kacie A. Hohnadell
  • Rethinking Roth: Why the Florida Legislature Should Empower Local Governments to Regulate Condominium Conversions —Leighton J. Hyde
  • Muddying the Waters: Stop the Beach Renourishment and the Procedural Implications of a Judicial Takings Doctrine—Scott Stevenson
  • Nothing Is Certain in Life except Death and Taxes: Providing Families with Constitutional Rights They Can Depend on under Florida’s Homestead Taxation Regime —Matthew Kahn
  • Stare Decisis Takes Another Blow in Telli v Broward County —Daniel S. Weinger

Stetson Law Review 2012 Local Government Law Symposium (Volume 41-2)

  • We Built It, and They Came! Now What? Public-Private Partnerships in the Replacement Era—Chasity H. O’Steen and John R. Jenkins
  • “Beyond Debatable Limits”: A Case for Legislative Clarification of Florida’s Sunshine Law—Cheryl Cooper
  • Florida’s School-District Lease Financing: Cross Collateralization, Path Dependency, and Their Implications —E. Lamar Taylor
  • Pillow Talk and Property Taxes: Florida’s Family Unit Requirement for Homestead Exemption and the Modern Marriage — Amanda S. Coffey
  • Disarming Digital Bullies: An Argument to Expand School Jurisdiction in Florida to Punish Acts of Cyberbullying that Occur Away from School Grounds —Diana N. Evans
  • Browning v. Florida Hometown Democracy, Inc.: A Case Study in Judicial Opinion Writing — Scott D. Makar
  • Sarasota Alliance for Fair Elections, Inc. v. Browning: The Implied End to Implied Preemption — Allen Winsor
  • Board of Trustees of the City of Delray Beach Police and Firefighters Retirement System v. Citigroup Global Markets: Limiting the Enforcement of the Florida Sunshine Law— Jerome M. Congress, Stephen H. Cypen, and Todd Kammerman

Stetson Law Review 2011 Local Government Law Symposium (Volume 40-2)

  • It’s Raining Cats and Dogs . . . Government Lawyers Take Note: Differential Licensing Laws Generate Revenue, Reduce Costs, Protect Citizens, and Save Lives —Phyllis Coleman, Heather Veleanu & Sandra K. Wolkov
  • Legal Shelter: A Case For Homelessness as a Protected Status Under Hate Crime Law and Enhanced Equal Protection Scrutiny — Sarah Finnane Hanafin
  • The “As Applied” Requirement Of The Bert J. Harris, Jr., Private Property Rights Protection Act: Judicial Abrogation of a Legislative Mandate? — Frederick T. Reeves, George T. Reeves & George Zadorozny
  • Stop The Beach Renourishment V. Florida Department Of Environmental Protection: Much Ado About Nothing? — Donna R. Christie