CCLGLS Document Library Soft Launch

The Section is pleased to announce the creation of a test Document Library!

In response to the 2021 CCLGL Section survey, over 75% of respondents indicated that they would value a database where Section members could share ordinances, resolutions, pleadings, and other documents for reference by other members. After thorough review of the benefits, risks, legal implications, and workload requirements for maintaining such a database, the Executive Council approved creating of a test database, which is now live. The database is a member benefit and thus is password-protected. You can access the database at:  The password will be emailed to all members.

For the initial test, the Document Library is limited to member-submitted previously-filed pleadings and adopted ordinances and resolutions, as well as CCLGL-sponsored resources such as CLE materials on hot topics, and the retired Local Government Law Desk Book (which is now posted under “Resources”).  Members are encouraged to share ordinances only if there is a particular benefit of sharing the ordinance in this format, as most ordinances are available and searchable on Municode, and we don’t want to duplicate that database. If you have a document you would like to add to the Library, use the following instructions.


Email with:

  1. A PDF copyof the document as filed/adopted (for pleadings, the PDF should include the court filing stamp); and
  2. A Word copyof the same document (to assist with ADA accessibility and compliance).
  3. Optional: A short list of 3 or 4 key words (“tags”) related to the document that would assist someone in searching the Library.

Please name both documents with the same name and end with either “PDF” or “WORD” as appropriate. (For example, “Alligator County Ordinance on Water Balloons – PDF“.)

Before submitting, remove or redact any information that is confidential or exempt from disclosure under State or Federal law or Florida Bar rules, as well as any hidden data or personal information (metadata). Documents that are not provided in both PDF and Word format, or that do not appear to be already filed with a court or adopted by a government agency, will not be posted.

Documents are searchable based on document title and “tags” or keywords provided by the poster, or can be browsed by clicking on the folders on the page. (Note, folders for particular types of documents will only be visible once there are shared documents included in that category.) When using the Document Library, remember that documents are provided for reference only and are not intended to be a substitute for legal research or legal advice.

Please email with questions, comments, or suggestions about the Document Library or other Section initiatives.