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Affordable Housing Seminar – Land Use and Local Government Issues (Course 7375)

Affordable Housing Seminar – Land Use and Local Government Issues (Course 7375)

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Policymakers at all levels of government are grappling with how to address the affordable housing crisis. This seminar will focus on how local governments in Florida can utilize their zoning and land use authority to increase the supply of affordable housing. The seminar will also examine the intersection of land use regulation, financing, and development of affordable housing. Presenters will provide expertise on statutory land use tools for affordable housing, with a focus on recent legislative changes such as the Live Local Act (SB 102/HB 627 (2023)) and HB 1339 (2020). The seminar will cover local government incentive strategies, by-right zoning reforms, the use of publicly-owned land for permanently affordable housing, and how financing programs interact with affordable housing development. Affordable housing practitioners, land use attorneys, real estate developers, and local government planning professionals from around the state will share their experiences during the seminar.

Affordable Housing in Florida and the Live Local Act
Kody Glazer, Tallahassee
Whit Blanton, Clearwater

Elisabeth J. Dang, Orlando

Affordable Housing Development, HB 1339 Implementation
Michael Dema, St. Petersburg
Elizabeth Abernethy, St. Petersburg
Tyler Hudson, Tampa

Financing for Affordable Housing
Marisa Button, Tallahassee
Oscar Sol, Green Mills