Free Webinar: Vaccination Mandates

The CCLGL Section is pleased to present this upcoming free live webinar:

Vaccination Mandates: Local Governments Caught in the Middle

Presented by the CCLGL Section & Bryant Miller Olive P.A.

October 8, 2021, 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Summary: The US President has ordered that federal contractors must require employees to be vaccinated. Local governments may constitute federal contractors, depending on their contracts or business with federal agencies. The Florida Governor has threatened to fine any local government that imposes such a mandate. What to do? A panel of local government and labor and employment law attorneys explore the conundrum: What do we know about the President’s order and who it covers? What is a “Federal Contractor” anyway? Do OSHA rules even matter? Is it a stretch to apply the state vaccination law to employees? Are local governments just the hot iron between the hammer and the anvil? Join us to explore this complex issue.


Course # 5602 / CLE Credits: 1.0 General, 1.0 CCLGL


David C Miller Headshot Denise Heekin Headshot Jennifer Cowan Headshot John Doty Headshot
David C. Miller

Mr. Miller is a past Chair of the Section and is Board-Certified in Labor and Employment Law. He focuses on representing local governments in personnel matters, pension, labor relations, pension issues, and litigation.

Denise Heekin

Ms. Heekin is Board-Certified in Labor and Employment Law by the Florida Bar and is a member of Bryant Miller Olive’s Labor and Employment practice group and serves as the Managing Shareholder for the Miami Office.

Jennifer Cowan

Ms. Cowan is board certified by The Florida Bar in the area of City, County and Local Government Law.  Specifically, Ms. Cowan serves as City Attorney, general counsel to a deep-water seaport, and general counsel to another special district.

John Doty

Mr. Doty is a member of Bryant Miller Olive’s Labor and Employment practice group. He focuses primarily on employment litigation, preventative counseling, and labor disputes.