Listserve Archives!

The collective knowledge of the CCLGL Section’s membership is literally at your fingertips! When researching a novel or unique local government law question, many of us find it helpful to get feedback from other CCLGL Section members who have already tackled the same issue. To that end, the CCLGL’s Listserve is an excellent resource for sharing expertise, opinions, and experiences; as well as, on occasion, sharing draft ordinances, contracts, or other resources. Over the years many complex topics have been discussed (and debated) over the live Listserve; but did you know the Listserve also has searchable archives?  It’s true! With the Listserve archives, you have the ability to mine the historical collective wisdom of the CCLGL membership, to see what was discussed the last time a particular issue came up. To search the Listserve archives, click on “Resources” at the top of the CCLGL website, and then click on “Listserve.” At the bottom of the Listserve page, you will see this option:


screenshot of access to ListServe archive

Click on the “LocGovTopics Archives” link and then login using your email address and Listserve password. Forgot your password? Enter your email and then click on the convenient “Remind” button at the bottom of the page. (If you have multiple email addresses that feed to the same mailbox, be sure to use the email address you used to sign up for the Listserve!)

Once you’re logged into the archives you can search by keyword, review Listserve discussion strings by date, and more. Happy researching!

Original post: March 30, 2021

Update October, 2022: The Listserve Archives are currently only partially searchable, as the software platform that had provided for searches is no longer supported. Currently, you can open each month’s archive and do a CTRL-F search of the subject lines, but cannot currently do a full text search of the entire archives. Section Leadership is evaluating solutions and potential new tools to remedy this issue, and will provide updates when available. Thank you for your understanding and patience.