New CCLGL Discourse Forum

Update January 6, 2024: the new CCLGLS Discourse Forum is now live! Join the CCLGLS Discourse Forum today! You must be a current member of the CCLGL Section to join.

The Section is excited to announce the launch of a new CCLGLS Discourse discussion forum. It’s an email distribution list, long-form chat room, discussion board, and conversation thread organizer, all in one, and will replace the current (old) Listserve. With its flexibility and customizable options, this new platform will give all subscribed members control over how and when they want to receive notices from the forum – and will have fully searchable archives, including all discussions from the old Listserve. That’s a lot of shared history!

For years, the CCLGL Listserve has been a favorite benefit of Section members, where local government law attorneys have shared wisdom, debated obscure or ambiguous areas of local government law, and shared far too many bad puns (or good puns, depending on your thoughts on puns . . . ). However, the Listserve software platform has been unsupported by its developer for several years, which has led to a number of performance issues, including that the valuable Listsersve archives were no longer a searchable research resource. This new CCLGLS Discourse forum will resolve those issues, and provide many exciting features that improve on the old Listserve, including:

  • The option to both create new forum topics and revive/post to older topics
  • Flexible and customizable notification options and other preferences configurable for each user
  • Fully-Searchable Archives (including archives imported from the old Listserve!)
  • Online and Mobile Applications
  • The ability to reply to posts via email from anywhere, on any device – just like the current Listserve (new posts must be created on the forum)
  • Individual usernames/passwords, with the ability to easily manage your own subscription and update/change your own email address

The new forum will be at: You must be a current member of the CCLGL Section to join the CCLGLS Discourse Forum.and is available as a mobile app on Android and Apple smartphones. (Search for “Discourse Hub” on Apple’s App Store; Android devices will prompt you to install the app the first time you visit the site). If you want to do a deep dive into the features of the platform generally, you can check out the general Discourse New User Guide posted at:

The last day on the current Listserve will be December 16, 2023. On that date, the archives will be migrated to Discourse, and soon in the following few days, all members of the current Listserve will receive an invitation to join. All other CCLGLS members will have the option to join the CCLGLS Discourse at any time.

We hope the enhanced functionality will make the CCLGLS Discourse as big a hit as the Listserve has been.  Thank you for your patience as we make the transition. Please email [email protected] with questions!