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Land Use Seminar 2022 (Course #5665)

Land Use Seminar, May 5, 2022 [Conference Week Brochure]

Ritz Carlton Golf Resort, Naples (Live Seminar)

To purchase a DVD/CD/Court Materials: https://member.floridabar.org/TFB_CLECourseProdSearchResults?opPrms=5665&optType=2

Details and Registration at: https://member.floridabar.org/s/lt-event?id=a1R1R00000892TkUAI 

Make the most of your 2022 travel and get more CLE credits by attending the Land Use Seminar on May 5, the 45th Annual Local Government in Florida Conference on May 6-7, and the “All Things COVID” round-robin discussion on May 8!

Want to sponsor this event? Visit https://www.cclgl.org/about/sponsors/ for details!